Covid Information

Portugal will reach an 85% rate of vaccination in September, and we expect that social dancing events are possible again soon.

Everyone needs to play a part in keeping each other safe and minimising the risks from Covid-19. In order to keep everyone as safe as possible, attendees will need to provide one of the following:

  • A vaccination certificate or passport
    The official document must include the vaccinee type and manufacturer (only vaccines approved by EMA), number of doses, date of vaccination. Remember that the certificate is only valid 14 days after fully finished vaccination schedule.
  • A certificate stating recovery from Covid-19 (maximum 180 days)

We will also organise guided self-tests at arrival on Thursday evening before the warm-up party, and on Friday and Saturday before the classes. Everyone attending must perform this test before entering the party/class venues.

Please note: We will closely follow the guidelines and advice from Portuguese national health authorities, and a final update will be available in December. As the guidance may change, please bookmark this page, and check our social network pages for any updates.


Travelling to Portugal

Participants from abroad can find useful information about travel possibilities and restrictions here.


Other Considerations

We want to create a safe environment for everyone!

We expect that social dancing at evening parties and switching partners during classes will be possible. Nevertheless, if you don’t feel comfortable switching partners in classes or in the dance floor, you can create your own circle of contact – we will provide bracelets with a colour scheme to let everyone know what your comfort zone is.

We ask all the participants to restrict their social contacts outside the festival to the minimum essential and keep risk of infection as low as possible.